Friday, 6 July 2012

Tutorial: Embellished Tea Towels

To tie in with our kitchen theme this month we have a great tutorial for you. Really simple to make but a lovely present for someone or perfect for making tea towels to match your kitchen decor. We chose apples and polka dots to go with the rest of the items in our kitchen display.

Plain tea towels
Chosen fabric - 11" x width of tea towel plus 1/2"
Ribbon or tape for hanging 7"
Other ribbon or trim as required.

1.Take your tea towel and measure the width at the bottom hem as shown and add 1/2" to this measurement and this will be the width for your cutting.

2. Cut your fabric using the width measurement from step 1 and cutting the length to 11".

3. Fold the cut fabric in half matching the two long sides and with right sides facing and press. Then take 7" of hanging tape or ribbon and fold in half. Open up the fabric and pin the folded tape just below the pressed line as shown.

4. Fold the fabric back in half and then stitch using 1/4" seam allowance, along both the short edges.

5. Turn right sides out and press. Tuck the bottom end of the tea towel inside the fabric sleeve just made. 

6. Pin the tea towel right to the top of the fabric and stitch along to hold tea towel in place.

7. Turn under the bottom edge of the fabric by 1/2" and press. Then pin the bottom edge flat to the tea towel and stitch along that edge.

8. Add trim as required.

Happy sewing,


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