Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tutorial: Envelope cushion from two fat quarters

Two co-ordinating fat quarters (a fat quarter is 50cm x 56cm) 
One 16” cushion pad/insert 
Tape measure 
Sewing machine (or hand sewing needle) 
Fabric scissors 
Pinking shears 
Trims as required ie. Pom poms, rik rac, buttons etc. 

1.Place the two fat quarters together with right sides of the fabric facing each other. Then stitch the two fat quarters together down one of the shorter edges and then press open. At this stage add any trims that you would like, on this example we have used pom poms along the centre seam. 

2.Decide which fabric you would like to have less of showing on the front and then cut a 3” strip of the end of this fabric as shown below. 
3.Fold the fabric in half lengthways and trim the width down so it measures 16.5” wide as shown. 
4.Take one of the shorter edges and turn up by 1cm and press all along the edge and then turn up again by another 1cm and press so that the raw edges are hidden, as shown below. Then stitch along this edge, to hold back where you have pressed. Repeat this with the other short edge. 
5.With right sides facing up, mark with a pin on the bottom edge, 5.5” along from the seam (where the two fabrics are joined) on the fabric that you want the least of, as shown below. Then repeat on the top edge. 
6.Measure 16” along the bottom edge from the pin and mark this point with another pin and this will mark out the front of your cushion, and then repeat on the top edge. 
7.Take the shorter side and fold over from the pins as shown. 
8.Take the other side and over lap from the pins across as shown. This forms the overlap of the envelope cushion. 

9.Pin the top and bottom edge and stitch along where pinned 1cm from the edge ensuring that you stitch right to the corners.

10.Trim the two side raw edges with pinking shears to avoid fraying. 
11.Turn the cushion so that all the right sides of the fabric are on the outside and then give a final press with the iron. Insert the cushion insert/pad through the opening and your lovely cushion is finished.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Tutorial: Pencil case

Rebecca has written us a great tutorial on how to make a fab back to school pencil case. Click on the link to see full instructions and photographs.

Happy Sewing!

Introducing Rebecca our new blog writer

Hi my name is Rebecca, I’m 13 years old and I’ve been going to the 'Owl and Sewing Cat' for a while now, I got to know Tracey early at my time there, probably for my lack of my straight stitching and my fast pace sewing machine but I would like to think most of all for my interesting colour schemes. 

 I have been asked to write this blog to ‘inspire’ people of my generation with ideas for sewing projects and I really hope I can. The first thing I thought when I was asked to write this blog was ‘Well what do we really use?,’ I thought this first as I’m finding it hard fit anymore bunting or cushions into my room I need a sign that says ‘DUCK’ every few metres for passers by to avoid the risk of accidental bunting strangulation! 

So what do we really do? 
That is what came to my mind I know everybody hates to think about school in the middle of the holidays but unfortunately this horrid place is where we spend most of our time. 
And what do we do at school? 
Classes. Another horrid fact. 
And what do we do in Classes? Work. 
Now what items would you consider to be associated with work? Pen, Ruler, Rubber……… Pencil Case! 

Who would not want to go back to school with a Single Edition, personalised pencil case? So we have configured a pattern for a great pencil case that will easily fit a 30cm ruler, pens, pencils, and what ever else you may need. Hope you Enjoy!
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