Friday, 19 November 2010

What's happening in store?

One of the important things about learning to sew - is gaining the confidence to do so. 

I have spoken to many people who love the look of sewing, how beautiful and personal the finished projects can be but are nervous in starting......Everyone has to start somewhere, and at the Owl and Sewing cat we pride ourselves on offering beginner workshops that give you the confidence in starting a hobby that we have no doubt, you will love.

We offer free workshops in sewing machine basics - and paid workshops, including quilting.

One of our popular classes is creating a patchwork cushion, like the ones pictured below with three ladies who recently came in to do the workshop.

Three very different cushion colourways - but three very happy ladies!

Coming in to do the workshops couldn't be easier, give us a call, and we will work with you to book you in and get you started!

The only problem you will have, is choosing between the divine fabrics we stock! 

If you want to contact us to book a lesson, or find out what other workshops we are booking for, don't hesitate in dropping us an email or calling us on 01424 212519
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