Sunday, 16 January 2011

Tutorial: Quick and easy envelope cushion

Fabric 40”x 16.5”
16” cushion pad
Sewing machine
Tape measure

1. Cut a length of fabric 40” wide by 16.5” long, and lay with right side down, so the wrong side is therefore facing you. Then mark with pins 12" in from each end along the width, on the top and bottom edge, as shown below:
2. On both ends (the shorter sides) turn and press the edge under by approx ½”. Then turn under again approx ½” and press. Then stitch in a straight line along the edge as shown below, and repeat this process on both short ends.
3. Fold over both sides of the fabric, right sides together, to the pin points earlier put in place and pin along the top and bottom edge. This will mean that there is an overlap in the centre, and the fabric now forms a square shape. Then machine stitch a straight line along the top and bottom edge using a 1/4” seam allowance as shown below:
4. Then turn inside out, so that the right side fabric is on the outside and press the seams. Then put the cushion pad in through the overlap, and your cushion is complete. If you wish decorative bows, buttons or ties can be added across the overlap. 

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