Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Introducing: Tracey

Tracey is the owner of the Owl and Sewing Cat. She was inspired to open a fabric shop when her teenage daughter started to show an interest in sewing but they struggled to find fun and interesting fabrics that would be easy for her to sew with. She has the enviable job of picking all the fabric, notions and yarn for the shop. She also teaches a number of classes and workshops as well as managing the shop and developing the Owl and Sewing Cat range of patterns. With a family to look after too she is one very busy lady indeed.

When did your love of sewing begin? 
From a very young age. As long as I can remember I would always play with my nan’s ribbon and buttons boxes, as my mum was often sewing. I remember loving going through the fabric boxes and then seeing that fabric transformed into soft toys or clothing.

Do you have a favourite thing to make? 
I love making bags, cushions and bunting, because you can never have too many of them around the house. I wish I had kept a count of how many metres of bunting have been made in our workshops since we began running them.

What inspires you? 
The fabrics and yarns themselves are very inspiring. We can look at all the new collections and buy those that jump out at us, and usually the prints or colours inspire us to make either bags, or a skirt, etc. We also get inspiration from our customers sometimes, as they often have requests for patterns, or like to share their tips and ideas.

What do you like most about sewing? 
Sewing and knitting are very therapeutic; they’re a great hobby to have. There is nothing like hand-making a unique gift as a present. It is lovely to take that bit of ‘me time’ in our busy lives and create something lovely.

Any future plans or aspirations? 
In October, we opened our new shop, offering quality wool, yarn and a new larger area for all our workshops. My long-term aim was that we would be able to expand our teaching program, and in October, much earlier that I had originally thought, we began a large variety of classes, including knitting, patchwork, beginners sewing, dressmaking, crochet, cup cake decorating, making Christmas decorations, a children’s club, and many more. We hope to find even more tutors locally who can come along and share their skills. I will always aspire to get as many people as possible in Eastbourne sewing or knitting.

Tracey is in the shop most days and along with the lovely shop assistants is always happy to give help and advice on picking fabric and different projects you can make.

Happy sewing,



  1. I love this shop and buy all my stuff there now! I'm so glad you came to Eastbourne! It was dire before.

  2. It was lovely to *meet* Tracey here today.
    Your shop is really lovely.
    I hope to visit again soon


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