Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tutorial: No-Sew Fleece Blanket

Today we have a quick and easy tutorial to share with you. So simple that you don't even need to be able to sew, just use a pair of scissors and tie knots. This would be a brilliant project for half term and once you are finished you will have a great fleece blanket perfect for keeping you warm. We love to use these for snuggling under to watch a family film, and if you are going camping these will protect you from the night time chills! You can either close up all four sides or leave the top open and climb inside to use it like a sleeping bag. Then you can just throw your pillow and pyjamas in and you have a portable bed wherever you are.

Two pieces of fleece, 1m or larger.

The pirate fleece fabric is sold by the panel and is 120cm x 160cm
We have a variety of different fleece fabrics for sale in our online store.


1. Lay the two pieces of fleece wrong sides together and go round the sides that you want to tie together, making cuts every inch that are 4 inches long. Your blanket will now have a tassle fringe. If you want to have the top edge open you can either leave it uncut or have it with tassles that you don't tie up.

2. Have a seat and placing the blanket on your lap work your way round tying the front and back together with a simple double overhand knot (or reef knot). Continue your way round the blanket until all edges are tied together.

3. Snuggle under your handiwork and enjoy!

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Happy Sewing,


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