Monday, 8 August 2011

Introducing Rebecca our new blog writer

Hi my name is Rebecca, I’m 13 years old and I’ve been going to the 'Owl and Sewing Cat' for a while now, I got to know Tracey early at my time there, probably for my lack of my straight stitching and my fast pace sewing machine but I would like to think most of all for my interesting colour schemes. 

 I have been asked to write this blog to ‘inspire’ people of my generation with ideas for sewing projects and I really hope I can. The first thing I thought when I was asked to write this blog was ‘Well what do we really use?,’ I thought this first as I’m finding it hard fit anymore bunting or cushions into my room I need a sign that says ‘DUCK’ every few metres for passers by to avoid the risk of accidental bunting strangulation! 

So what do we really do? 
That is what came to my mind I know everybody hates to think about school in the middle of the holidays but unfortunately this horrid place is where we spend most of our time. 
And what do we do at school? 
Classes. Another horrid fact. 
And what do we do in Classes? Work. 
Now what items would you consider to be associated with work? Pen, Ruler, Rubber……… Pencil Case! 

Who would not want to go back to school with a Single Edition, personalised pencil case? So we have configured a pattern for a great pencil case that will easily fit a 30cm ruler, pens, pencils, and what ever else you may need. Hope you Enjoy!

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